Valhalla to Launch Marketplace Today

Valhalla to Launch Marketplace Today
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Valhalla project lead @notalexlin announced this morning that his project will be launching its own marketplace this afternoon in a Twitter thread.

โ—Why It Matters

Creators have been the losers thus far in the marketplace wars between Blur and OpenSea, with both platforms minimizing creator royalties to remain competitive with each other, and we are hearing from NFT projects and industry figures who are considering building their own marketplaces in order to manage royalties.

๐Ÿ” Need to Know

  • The Valhalla marketplace will have no marketplace fee.
  • Lin says Valhalla built the marketplace for three reasons:
    • To lay the foundations for a more experimental shopping experience.
    • To build trust with the community by keeping their promises (Valhalla committed to building a marketplace before the project minted).
    • To hedge against "unstable marketplace policies."

๐ŸŽค Community Feedback

Sticking to your word is what I respect a founder for. That will win you majority votes in the community. Much respect.@IcedcoffeeEth

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