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Vans Collection

Project Information

Dippies Vans is a collection of 5,000 fully animated Dippies companion NFTs. All Dippies NFT holders were able to claim a Dippies Van NFT for each Dippies NFT held. These Vans are integral to the expansion of the Dippies Universe. A Play-to-Earn game titled 'DippieRaces' allows Dippies Van NFT holders to access a racing game and compete with other holders for prizes such as allowlist spots, Dippies merchandise, concert tickets, and more. Additionally, the DippieGarage is a hub for Dippies and Van holders to put their Dippies NFT into the Vans of their choosing. Once inside a van, holders can refresh metadata to show their Dippies driving the Van of their choice.

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