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About VaynerSports Pass VSP

VaynerSports Pass VSP is a collection of 15,555 membership pass NFTs by VaynerSports on the Ethereum blockchain. VaynerSports is a business run by VaynerMedia which was founded by Gary and AJ Vaynerchuk. Gary acts as the CEO of the company with AJ as the COO.

Holders of the VaynerSports Pass VSP are entitled to various utilities including future gas-only drops, access to in-real-life and digital experiences, tickets to sporting events, and access to their gated Metalink community. 

When stating what the VaynerSports Pass VSP is they go on to say "VSP is a utility first project with collectibility and a focus on access."

News Feed

VaynerSportsPass announced it is hosting a raffle giving away 500 allowlist spots to the upcoming Grimmies NFT mint in collaboration with Webacy. 

The raffle will be held using the recently released VaynerSports Raffle technology which allows the project to raffle based on rarities, icons, and more. 

All VSP NFT holders can head to to learn more about Webacy and the upcoming Grimmies mint. 

Holders have until June 29 at 2:00 p.m. to enter the raffle. Each raffle winner will receive a Grimmies NFT allowlist spot and receive their mint for free. 

The Grimmies NFT is expected to give access to the Webacy service, which is building protection products for Ethereum wallets according to the Discord announcement. 

VaynerSportsPass NFTs are up nearly nine percent over the last 24 hours and hold a floor price of 0.21 ETH at the time of writing. 

VaynerSportsPass Hosting Grimmies Allowlist Raffle
AJ Vaynerchuk announced that Vayner Sports Pass has launched a beta version of its raffle website on Wednesday. The website will feature a weighted algorithm factoring in card rarity, number of icons, and icon gating to provide larger VSP NFT holders with better chances to win giveaways.
Vayner Sports Pass Launches Raffle Website
VaynerSports Pass announced a raffle for an MMA experience in Las Vegas in July. 10 winners will be chosen to receive a 2 night's stay at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 2. Winners will also receive $500 worth of ETH for travel expenses and are allowed to bring a +1.
VSP holders with NFTs that include the MMA Icon or Zero sports icons are eligible to apply for the raffle. Winners will be selected in 48 hours. 
VaynerSports Pass Announces Raffle for MMA Event

Holders of a VaynerSports Pass with the Golf Icon or the Zero Icon can enter into a raffle to attend the VSP Golf Experience that is being held at the US Open in Brookline, Massachusetts on June 19. 

The snapshot for the raffle was taken today at 9:00 am ET and holders at the time of the snapshot have until June 9 at 3:00 pm ET to fill out the following Google Form. Nine holders will be selected as winners. 


VaynerSports Pass Announces Golf Event

VaynerSports Pass (VSP) NFT holders have only two hours left to mint a Team Starboy NFT if they have not already done so. 

The free mint, which closes at 1:00 p.m. ET, was built in collaboration with Aku creator and artist, Micah Johnson. 

VSP holders can choose one of four different Team Starboy NFTs and mint one each for every VSP NFT they hold. 

Interested parties can head to to mint their Team Starboy NFT. 

Team Starboy NFTs hold a floor price of 0.017 ETH. 

Last Day To Mint Team Starboy NFT


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