VaynerSports Pass Announces VSP Rewards Season 0

VaynerSports Pass Announces VSP Rewards Season 0
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VaynerSportsPass announces its VSP Rewards Season 0, allowing NFT owners to earn points for exclusive sports experiences.

The Deets

  • Mint NFTs to Earn: Users can mint an NFT to receive points based on VSP ownership.
  • Viewable Rewards Website: VSP Rewards website goes live on Sept. 29.
  • Bid and Redeem: Auctions start on Oct. 5, while redeemables are accessible on Oct. 9.
  • Enter Sweepstakes: Oct. 11 opens the chance to win prizes using VSpoints.

The Bulk

VaynerSports Pass is launching its VSP Rewards Season 0. This rewards program is simple: users mint an NFT (Profile Picture) and in return, receive "points" based on the number of VSPs they own. These points, known as VSpoints, can be used for various exciting redemptions.

Starting September 29, the VSP Rewards website becomes viewable. Fast forward to October 3, the actual minting process commences, where users get a base amount of points, with bonus points awarded depending on VSP ownership.

Next, On October 5, the auction feature is rolled out, allowing users to place bids on various sports experiences using their earned VSpoints. If auctions aren't their thing, October 9 introduces fixed price items in the Rewards Shop that users can straight away redeem. Lastly, for those feeling lucky, October 11th debuts the sweepstakes feature, offering a chance to win attractive prizes by using VSpoints as entries.

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

While the current focus is on the exciting rollout of VSP Rewards Season 0, users should keep an eye out for further announcements on the price and points details set to release this week.

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