VeeFriends Burn Island Eruption 4 Is for the Wolves

VeeFriends Burn Island Eruption 4 Is for the Wolves
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VeeFriends announced its Burn Island Eruption 4 event on Tuesday afternoon.

The Deets:

The Details

Eruption 4 is here, and this trip to Burn Island centers on an auction for Gary Vee's prized assets from Wolf Game. This 6-day event starts on April 4th at 4 PM ET and ends on April 10th at 4 PM ET and offers Series 2 VeeFriends token holders an opportunity to win a variety of prizes by burning Wolf Pack Mini Drops tokens. The top 23 bidders will receive highly sought-after prizes, including Wolf Game NFTs from Gary Vee's personal collection: Gen 0 Alpha 7 Wolf, Gen 1 Alpha 6 Wolf, One Structure Genesis Land, a pool of over 1,000,000 $WOOL, and 10 Farmers.

Your bid size equals the number of tokens you burn. If outbid, you can purchase additional tokens to increase your bid. After the auction, only prize-winning bids will have their tokens officially burned, while non-winning bids will have their tokens returned to their wallets.

❗ Why It Matters

Gary has loved Wolf Game since it stormed onto the scene back in November 2021. And by offering a limited-time opportunity to exchange tokens for his desirable Wolf Game NFTs, this burn event drives engagement and interest in his VeeFriends ecosystem. Additionally, Eruption 4 provides an opportunity for a different group of users to participate in Burn Island, which hosted Eruption events centered around BOOK GAMES tokens last month.

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