VeeFriends Reveal Gift #9 For Goat Holders

VeeFriends Reveal Gift #9 For Goat Holders
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VeeFriends announced the next reward package for Gift Goats on Friday, with holders able to claim a 1/1 NFT by artist JOY, a June Oven Plus, and the chance to attend a virtual cooking class. 

This is the ninth reward for Gift Goat NFTs, with 18 total coming over a 3-year gifting experience

JOY (John Orion Young) is an OG NFT artist, and the first to create and launch their own NFT contract in 2018 — minting the first 3D art on the blockchain, according to the website. 555 unique 1/1 NFTs were created for the Gift Goat community. 

The June Oven Plus is a smart kitchen device, with a retail value of $999. The oven utilizes machine learning and advanced cameras to roll several different appliances into one, and comes with a 1-year premium recipe subscription. 

Goat Holders can also attend a 60-minute virtual cooking class with seven-time Burger Bash Champion and Executive Chef Josh Capon.

More information on the gifts can be found on the VeeFriends blog.


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