VeeFriends Holders: Check Your Wallets

VeeFriends Holders: Check Your Wallets
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VeeFriends creator Gary Vaynerchuk announced that VeeCon tickets had been airdropped to VeeFriends NFT holders in a tweet last night.

โ— Why it Matters

A ticket is required for admission into VeeCon 2023, which kicks off on May 18 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

๐Ÿ” The Deets

  • A little over 10,000 VeeCon ticket NFTs were airdropped to VeeFriends holders last night.
  • Over the first 11 hours of trading, the collection has seen 71 ETH in secondary trading volume and the collection's floor price sits at 0.27 ETH.
  • The 2022 version of the VeeCon Ticket NFT topped out above 2 ETH last April, but dropped to 0.26 ETH before the event.
  • The artist behind the ticket art is currently listed as "Coming Soon!" in the NFT's metadata. Some have speculated that the artist may be XCOPY.

๐ŸŽค Community Feedback

Lert's GOO!!!!! Room flight booked, just now gotta find the right opportunity to grab a ticket!! Can't wait to see everyone in May!!!!@T0kerBigBT

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