VeeFriends Partners With Courtyard To Redefine Collecting

VeeFriends Partners With Courtyard To Redefine Collecting
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Today, VeeFriends announced a partnership with Courtyard (@Courtyard_NFT), a physically-backed NFT platform that is redefining collecting by allowing anyone to own and trade physical items on the blockchain.

The Deets

  • Courtyard stores physical collectibles (trading cards, sneakers, watches, etc.) in secured vaults, creates a 3D representation of the asset, and mints it as an NFT on the blockchain. Courtyard calls these connected collectibes.
  • is a @ycombinator startup, and the physically-backed NFT platform raised $7 million in November 2022 to fuel product development, hiring, and expansion within Courtyard's target market.
  • Collectors no longer have to choose between owning a digital or physical asset, as Courtyard’s platform offers both.
  • Once the physical collectible has been received and tokenized by Courtyard, users can:
    • Trade their NFT on any Ethereum-compatible marketplace.
    • Hold their valued collections as NFTs and connect with other collectors.
    • Burn their NFT on Courtyard’s website to redeem the underlying asset (Courtyard will ship redeemed collectibles to over 150 countries).

❗ Why It Matters

NFTs have been classified as "jpegs" and art, among other things. They're also a "scam", or "the future," depending on who you ask. The concept of NFTs means different things to different people, but the idea of them as digital collectibles is a fairly universal one. Now, VeeFriends is partnering with Courtyard because Gary Vee believes in a future that marries both physical and digital collectibles.

🎤 Founder Feedback

🧐 Wait, What?

How does Courtyard work?

  • Physical items get authenticated, insured, and vaulted with @Brinks, the global leader in security and transportation for valuables. 1:1 3D models of each asset are created and then minted for the owners.

Why tokenize?

  • Trading and storing valuable physical items can be a hassle (shipping, high fees, damage, theft, etc.). Connected collectibles help alleviate the frictions and risks, and collectibles get a new life on-chain.

How do I get started?

Can I tokenize my own collectibles?

  • You can vault graded cards, comics, or coins to turn them into connected collectibles and earn 1% of future on-chain sales for items you curate.

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