Vogu Collective NFTs

Vogu Collective NFT Overview

Project Information

The Vogu NFT collection consist of 7,777 unique robot avatars with an immersive storytelling initiative. 

Jason Trinidad (@Jaiv1) is the artist and co-founder behind the project, which was started years ago with his first series featuring portraits of a handful of cyberpunk humanoids outfitted in contemporary streetwear fashions. These initial portraits served as the inspiration for the Vogu project.

The Vogu Collective NFTs are significant to the project's lore which will introduce an expansive fictional universe serving as the basis for future stories, characters, and art, woven across different forms of media. Vogu NFT holders will have exclusive access to stories, assets, and collaborations.

The Vogu collection also has a companion drop called MUTTS that were free to claim for Vogu collective holders.