Vortex by Spectra.art NFTs

Vortex by Spectra.art NFT Overview

Project Information

Vortex is a collection of 1,414 art NFTs created by @SpectraArt_NFT living on the Ethereum blockchain. Vortex NFTs claim to be the first supercomputed NFTs by simulating, animating, and rendering three dimensional kinetic activity. Similar to all Spectra.art proojects, Vortex is carbon negative and offset by five times. Upon mint, each Vortex was randomly generated utilizing specific sequences from the minters transaction hash which created completely unique and random trait distribution. Unlike a lot of "generative" art, Vortex rendered all visual elements of each NFT at the time of minting with no predetermined rarities. Vortex is one of three Spectra.art collections required to activate a Spectra.art Dawn Key, which is used for priority access to future mints and projects.