Checkpoint: A Collective Pursuit of the Black Check

Checkpoint: A Collective Pursuit of the Black Check
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The Tessera team rolled out a tool called Checkpoint, which allows collectors of Checks to work together for the black check, according to announcement made by co-founder @andy8052.

โ— Why It Matters

Jack Butcher's Checks have led the way in the "gamified open edition" meta that has dominated the NFT space over the early part of 2023. The vaunted Black Check is the top-level grail, requiring the burning of 64 single Checks or 4,096 total Checks NFTs. No single Black Check has been created yet.

Several DAOs had been rumored to be forming to try and accomplish the feat, but no solutions like Checkmate had yet materialized (until now). 

The Deets

  • Checkpoint is built on top of @tessera, and any Checks collector can deposit and withdraw their Checks on the app (
  • Checks of all types can be deposited, and users will be awarded a value based on the total number of Checks merged to get that one.
  • Once the contract achieves the required 4,096 Checks, it will merge them into the Black Check.
  • After the Black Check is generated, users will be able to redeem their Raes* and gain ownership over the Black Check in the Tessera vault (
    • *Rae is short for the plural form of Tessera (Tesserae) and is a type of NFT that represents collective ownership and governance of a vaulted NFT.

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