Jack Butcher Unchecks Blur Bidding

Jack Butcher Unchecks Blur Bidding
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Blur farming has been a hot topic ever since the exchange's token drop last month. A common criticism of this new "reward-farming" meta that Blur has brought to the forefront has been the "shitcoin-ization" of NFTs, with no premiums placed on aesthetics or rarities as collectors look to farm collection rewards. Last night, Jack Butcher responded by taking steps to protect his Checks collection from Blur reward farming.

🔎The Details

Butcher hosted a poll last night, asking his followers whether they'd like Blur bids to be enabled or disabled on the collection. The poll results showed that over 58% of Checks holders would prefer Blur bids be turned off, with only 23% voting in favor of Blur bids (18% abstained). This change will be applied to the Editions contract only, and there is another poll now live to determine whether the experiment will last for 24 hours or one week at first. On the matter of Blur bidding, Butcher himself said he has "no strong opinion, but the feedback has been very loud from people who have supported the project from the beginning."

🎤 Community Feedback

Ohhh snap. Jack to start a new trend against $blur. Time to deploy capital. Let the farmers dump.@cnd1983

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