Twelve Checks or TwelveFold?

Twelve Checks or TwelveFold?
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Jack Butcher airdropped Twelve Checks, a checks/TwelveFold crossover, to all 12 holders of "One Check" NFTs. 

🧐Wait, What?

Yuga Labs' TwelveFold collection on Bitcoin has been the topic of conversation this morning as more of its outputs were revealed. One particular series of 12 NFTs, which highlights a single row and column with blue and pink bubbles, has bore the brunt of the joke. Jack used that exact output in his Twelve Checks rendering which was airdropped to One Check holders. 

The Deets

  • The new collection can be found here as "Twelve Checks.
  • The collection holds a standing offer of 0.80 wETH on OpenSea. 
  • Each Twelve Check takes on the form of one of Yuga's TwelveFold inscriptions. 

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