WAGMI United Refutes "Rugging" Rumors

WAGMI United Refutes "Rugging" Rumors
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WAGMI United reaffirmed its commitment to its NFT community and Crawley Town FC, while simultaneously exploring a refined web3 strategy in a statement on Wednesday. 

The Deets

  • Discord moderator departure raised eyebrows and speculation
  • The club emphasizes its ongoing commitment to web3 and delivering value to NFT holders
  • Challenges and successes: Striking a balance between web3 and traditional football has proven complex
  • The future vision: Enhance club's appeal while respecting traditions and local supporters

The Bulk

In light of recent events involving a Discord moderator's departure, WAGMI United clarified its stance on its web3 plans. 

Contrary to the swirling rumors, WAGMI United's move to an unmoderated Discord is not an indication of them abandoning web3 or betraying their NFT community, a Wednesday statement said.

At the heart of endeavors is Crawley Town FC, and currently, all energies are channeled into supporting the team and gearing up for the upcoming season.

According to the statement, the past year has been marked with both proud moments and learning experiences. Organizing fan votes to dictate club's transfer window priorities, distributing exclusive adidas merchandise, and shipping special edition Chromie Squiggle kits to holders globally have been memorable highlights. However, the journey wasn't devoid of challenges, false starts, and invaluable lessons.

Nevertheless, WAGMI United remains optimistic about future prospects. Their vision centers around the continual engagement of their NFT community, ensuring perpetual value for holders. Furthermore, they're deeply committed to respecting the sentiments of Crawley's local fans and upholding the rich traditions of the revered club. 

🎤 Project Prose

Some have wrongly interpreted moving towards an unmoderated Discord as a signal that WAGMI United is abandoning web3 and rugging our community. Nothing could be further from the truth.WAGMI United

📊 By the Numbers

The WAGMI United NFT floor price is down 24% over the last 90 days to 0.015 ETH. 

🎤 Investor Insights

Despite WAGMI United's message on Wednesday, earlier in the week notable investors spoke out about the project's lack of communication. 

As a minority investor, what should have been a fun experience has been a huge disappointment. I do not have input on team mgt or daily operations. Mgmt has basically shut down communication with investors, so I can’t say I know much more than anyone else on the matter.gmoney

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