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WAGMI United Refutes "Rugging" Rumors
Logan Hitchcock

WAGMI United reaffirmed its commitment to its NFT community and Crawley Town FC, while simultaneously exploring a refined web3 strategy in a statement on Wednesday. 

The Deets

  • Discord moderator departure raised eyebrows and speculation
  • The club emphasizes its ongoing commitment to web3 and delivering value to NFT holders
  • Challenges and successes: Striking a balance between web3 and traditional football has proven complex
  • The future vision: Enhance club's appeal while respecting traditions and local supporters

The Bulk

In light of recent events involving a Discord moderator's departure, WAGMI United clarified its stance on its web3 plans. 

Contrary to the swirling rumors, WAGMI United's move to an unmoderated Discord is not an indication of them abandoning web3 or betraying their NFT community, a Wednesday statement said.

At the heart of endeavors is Crawley Town FC, and currently, all energies are channeled into supporting the team and gearing up for the upcoming season.

According to the statement, the past year has been marked with both proud moments and learning experiences. Organizing fan votes to dictate club's transfer window priorities, distributing exclusive adidas merchandise, and shipping special edition Chromie Squiggle kits to holders globally have been memorable highlights. However, the journey wasn't devoid of challenges, false starts, and invaluable lessons.

Nevertheless, WAGMI United remains optimistic about future prospects. Their vision centers around the continual engagement of their NFT community, ensuring perpetual value for holders. Furthermore, they're deeply committed to respecting the sentiments of Crawley's local fans and upholding the rich traditions of the revered club. 

🎤 Project Prose

Some have wrongly interpreted moving towards an unmoderated Discord as a signal that WAGMI United is abandoning web3 and rugging our community. Nothing could be further from the truth.WAGMI United

📊 By the Numbers

The WAGMI United NFT floor price is down 24% over the last 90 days to 0.015 ETH. 

🎤 Investor Insights

Despite WAGMI United's message on Wednesday, earlier in the week notable investors spoke out about the project's lack of communication. 

As a minority investor, what should have been a fun experience has been a huge disappointment. I do not have input on team mgt or daily operations. Mgmt has basically shut down communication with investors, so I can’t say I know much more than anyone else on the matter.gmoney

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WAGMI United Refutes "Rugging" Rumors
Knights of Degen Cup Pick 'Em Challenge Starting Soon
Lou Sherman

Knights of Degen and WAGMI United have come together to present a World Cup contest. The Degen Cup Pick 'Em Challenge is free to enter for holders of either NFT community and registration ends on Sunday. Users can enter through the token gated Discord channel.

Each participant is allowed one entry to the contest. Make your selections of the placements of each group in the Group Stage games. After the Group Stage is over, you will have just under 24 hours to make predictions for the Knockout Stage. Each correct answer in the Group Stage is worth one point to your total. Correct answers in the Knockout stage double (1,2,4, 8) in each successive round.

Prizes will be given out to the top 3 bracks, and will be broken out as follows:

  1. $5,000 USDC
  2. 1 WAGMI & 1 Knight NFT
  3. 1 WAGMI & 1 Steedz NFT
Knights of Degen Cup Pick 'Em Challenge Starting Soon
WAGMI United Adds New Logo to Kit
Staff Writer

The WAGMI United-owned English football club will wear a patch with the logo of an NFT company which helps content creators tokenize. 

Crawley Town FC, which already has one of Snowfro’s "Chromie Squiggle" on the shirt in its kit, will be wearing a logo for the XCAD Network on its left sleeve during the Carabao Cup match, which is set for Aug. 23 at 2:45 p.m. ET against Fulham of the Premier League.

“At WAGMI United, we’ve said from the beginning that we want Crawley Town to be ‘the internet’s team.’ From building a digital community of passionate fans cheering the club on from across the globe to having our players step on the pitch with Snowfro’s iconic Chromie Squiggle on their shirts, we’re bringing the power of Web3 to football with every single match,” said Preston Johnson, co-founder of WAGMI United and co-chairman of Crawley Town Football Club. 

XCAD Network has partnered with YouTubers such as Enus Batur and Morgz in creating a fan tokenization platform for the popular streamers.

“I’ve been following WAGMI United's journey since they acquired Crawley. It's great to see a company trying to bring cryptocurrency mainstream,” said Oliver Bell, XCAD Network CEO. “We are glad to be partnered with the world's first Web3 club and think there are a lot of exciting opportunities we can work together on.”

The floor price of the WAGMI United NFT is 0.125 ETH. 

WAGMI United Adds New Logo to Kit
Bradford City AFC Chair Rejects WAGMI United Takeover Bid
Lucky Trader Staff

A bid from a group of well-known crypto investors and entrepreneurs to buy an English Football League club has been rescinded by the club’s owner, according to a statement from the group, WAGMI United.

WAGMI United, led by Preston Johnson (formerly of ESPN and current Lucky Trader NFT Show host) and Eben Smith (co-founder of Digital Collectibles Agency), said it had a “deal in principle” with Bradford City AFC Chairman Stefan Rupp to purchase the League Two club before Rupp backed out suddenly Saturday.

Rupp also issued a statement Saturday afternoon telling fans he was rejecting the offer to buy the club, which he said came by email on Thursday.

“I, and certainly no one else connected to this football club, is actively trying to promote its sale, and my commitment has not changed,” Rupp said.

WAGMI United said that Rupp “obviously now had a change of heart.”

“But to suggest he’d never heard of WAGMI United before Thursday or that no further action was taken following our offer is simply untrue,” said WAGMI United in the statement.

It would have been one of the first cryptocurrency-backed professional sports team purchases. WAGMI United’s investors include Pixel Vault founder Sean Gearin, Philadelphia 76ers Team President Daryl Morey, and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

“We had sincerely hoped to build a relationship of respect, honesty and openness with the Bantams’ strong existing supporter base while also bringing in new fans from around the world,” said WAGMI United. 

The group said it would “continue to look for other opportunities” in acquiring other football clubs. 

Bradford City AFC Chair Rejects WAGMI United Takeover Bid
WAGMI United In Talks To Buy English Football League Club
Lucky Trader Staff

In what would be one of the first cryptocurrency backed professional sports team purchase, WAGMI United, a newly formed group of crypto and web3 investors and entrepreneurs, announced earlier today that they are in advanced talks to acquire an English Football League club. 

WAGMI United was co-founded by former ESPN personality and Lucky Trader NFT Show host Preston Johnson and Digital Collectibles Agency founder, Eben Smith. Beyond Johnson and Smith, the group is made up of some of the biggest names from the sports, crypto, and web3 world including Pixel Vault founder Sean Gearin, Daryl Morey, and Gary Vaynerchuk. 

The goal of WAGMI United? Bring the innovative ideas and technologies of web3 and cryptocurrencies to the world of sports. The inclusion of Gearin and Pixel Vault may help strategically position WAGMI United as the "ESPN" component of the "Decentralized Disney" that Gearin aims to build

The first step towards achieving that goal comes via the attempted purchase of an English Football League club. Though the formal details of the deal are not yet announced, Johnson indicated that the club competes in the lower levels of the English Football League, referred to as League One or League Two. Pending deal completion, more formal details are expected to be released in the next 3-4 weeks. 

The potential Premier League promotion aside, perhaps more exciting are the plans WAGMI United has to bring innovation to sports ownership and team management, leveraging the community building power of NFTs and web3.

From WAGMI United's official press release, "This unprecedented digital-first, community-powered approach will allow WAGMI United to increase the club’s budget far beyond levels typically seen by an EFL side of this size — providing valuable new fundings streams that will be used to improve the on-field product through investments in players and coaches, build a world-class analytics department to guide personnel and tactical decision making, and upgrade the matchday experience for both local supporters coming to the stadium and international fans watching across the globe."

It is expected that Johnson and Smith will serve as directors of the club, while Gearin aids in operations, and Vaynerchuk and Morey serve as advisors. The group plans to work with the club's existing leadership to help steer strategy on and off the field. 

The potential deal has created a lot of energy and excitement about the potential real world implications that community building via NFTs may provide.

WAGMI United investor and founder Andy Chorlian took his excitement to Twitter. 

You can follow the progress of WAGMI United via their official Twitter and Discord, or sign up for official announcements via their website.

WAGMI United In Talks To Buy English Football League Club