Wall Street Wolves NFTs

Wall Street Wolves NFT Overview

Project Information

Wall Street Wolves are a collection of 10,000 unique wolves that act as an early access key to the penthouse.

Wall Street Wolves has a large 8 person team made up of developers, marketing, design, and project management. The project is also fully staffed with 8 Discord moderators and has 5 advisors. 

The Penthouse is where holders have exclusive access to future whitelists, airdrops, the merch store, in-person parties, and metaverse meet-ups. Wall Street Wolves holders will be whitelisted to mint the Wall Street Wolfettes collection as well as all future collections and collaborations. Holders of a wolf and wolfette will be able to breed a Pup (baby wolf). Furthermore, Wall Street Wolve owners get access free Cannabis and CBD products from the projects partners. The team also has plans to aquire land for holders in the Sandbox, Decentraland, and Cryptovoxel.