Warriors of Aradena NFTs

Warriors of Aradena NFT Overview

Project Information

The Warriors of Aradena are a collection of pfp-style NFTs that exist within the Aradena metaverse and will be used in the upcoming turn-based, strategy P2E medieval fantasy game. The initial launch began with 8,000 male warrior NFTs and was followed up with free-to-mint "Women of Aradena" NFTs for holders of the original warrior NFTs. The game will feature several different components in order to appeal to a larger audience and provide more players with earning potential. These features will include recruiting and battling armies, lending or renting warriors, and eventually in-game land ownership as well.

The game and project has a lore and backstory to it that has recently come to life in a limited edition comic, released as an NFT. Only 100 total comic NFTs were minted with four randomly minted cover options: common, rare, epic, or legendary. More features and utility are expected soon for the Aradena metaverse, including the release of the alpha game version (not on the blockchain).