loomlocknft (Wassies) NFTs

loomlocknft (Wassies) NFT Overview

Project Information

Loomlock is a collection of 9,000 “Wassies” created by Loomdart, a prominent Crypto Twitter personality, that entitles you to a physical Loomlock. Created via radioactive waste, Wassies are said to be foul and disgusting creatures that are good for nothing. 

Eventually Wassie holders will be able to redeem a physical Loomlock via a redemption token that will be airdropped at a future date. The redeemable Loomlocks will be special edition, first generation units. A Loomlock is a physical lockout device designed to help you improve willpower and restore control of your life from addictions and vices.  

Built with a locking mechanism and a timer, the Loomlock ensures that you are unable to access the locked item until the timer has run out. Information about the redemption token and eventual airdrop has yet to be released.