Wassies Outlines Next Adventure, Blast Memecoin

Wassies Outlines Next Adventure, Blast Memecoin
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ByWassies is launching a unique studio initiative, redefining its approach to NFTs and blockchain projects, which will include a memecoin on the unlaunched Blast L2. 

The Deets

  • New studio concept: A hub for project collaboration and resource sharing
  • Focus on community: Leveraging a diverse holder base for mutual benefits
  • Upcoming token launch: Introducing the 'Pump it Loomdart' (PILL) token
  • Enhanced participation: Incentives for Wassie NFT holders and crypto enthusiasts

The Bulk

ByWassies is shifting gears with the launch of the ByWassies Studio. This venture moves away from conventional models like venture funds or holder equity DAOs, instead creating a collaborative hub for projects seeking to engage with the blockchain and NFT communities.

The studio's primary goal is to provide a range of services, including artwork, lore, and contest creation, especially to projects transitioning from traditional corporate environments into web3.

The secondary, and perhaps more revolutionary goal, is to foster symbiotic relationships with various emerging crypto projects. By leveraging its diverse and engaged holder base, ByWassies intends to create a decentralized, project-focused ecosystem.

In line with this new direction, ByWassies is also launching the "Pump it Loomdart" ($PILL) token. This experiment aims to explore new distribution methods and engage holders in a new way, but it comes with a twist. 

The $PILL token will be launched on the upcoming (not yet launched) BLAST L2. 

The majority of the distribution (80%) will be given to Wassies NFT holders, including an initial 50% of the 80% set aside with multipliers defined by an initial snapshot taken during block 18914926.

The last 50% will be distributed approximately one week before the Blast launch, and will be provided to other community groups including Pudgy Penguins (5%), Blast bridge participants (10%), meme contest winners (4%), and more. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

Tl;dr: we are focusing on being a steward for the most valuable onchain list of people in crypto. The Wassie Cabal.ByWassies

🔜 What's Next?

Stay tuned for the upcoming PILL token launch on the new Blast chain, and watch for more developments from ByWassies as it builds out its new studio. 

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