Weird Whales NFTs

Weird Whales NFT Overview

Project Information

Weird Whales is a collection of 3,350 whale avatars built by 12 year old Benyamin Ahmed. Benyamin began coding at the age of five as an educational endeavor and discovered NFTs in the summer of 2021. He first dropped his genesis project Minecraft Yee Haa before making his Weird Whales generative collection.

He was inspired by the project CryptoPunks which can be seen within the Weird Whales project as many traits are shared between the two collections. The young coder was also invited to Oxford University to speak on NFTs making him the youngest person in the history of the school to lead a lecture. Weird Whales was his attempt at testing his skills deploying a project. There is no project roadmap, the whales are purely collectible pieces.