WenWL Diamond Pass NFTs

WenWL Diamond Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

WenWL Diamond Pass is a collection of 88 top-tier passes created by WenWL as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. WenWL passes is a community-driven project with the initiatives of safe onboarding of new people into Web3, empowering women within the space, supporting charities, and providing holders with additional perks and utility. WenWL pass holders have access to many whitelist opportunities and education about safely navigating NFTs and Web3. WenWL Dimaon Pass NFTs provide holders with much greater chances of obtaining whitelist spots for upcoming projects. WenWL allocates 50% of whitelists specifically for Diamond Pass holders, and with only 88 Diamond Passes available the chances of receiving whitelists are much greater than a Ruby Pass holder (555 supply).