Where My Vans Go NFTs

Where My Vans Go NFT Overview

Project Information

Where My Vans Go is a collection by @DrifterShoots, comprised of 124 iconic images created over the span of three years exploring all over the United States.

According to DrifterShoots, this collection represents everything about human struggle and process. He says "if you never climb, you never see the view".

This collection represents the climb. In snow and fog, sunshine and rain, from the tops of skyscrapers and bridges, and through incarceration, DrifterShoots learned to do whatever it takes. These are the shoes that made him. 

DrifterShoots moved over his acclaimed Where My Vans Go collection from the Opensea shared storefront contract to his very own custom smart contract built on the Manifold creator core. This dapp enables Where My Vans Go collectors to migrate their pieces over to the new smart contract.