Wicked Monster Bone Club NFTs

Wicked Monster Bone Club NFT Overview

Project Information

Wicked Monsters Bone Club is a collection of 6,666 monsters that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  This is the 4th release from the Wicked Bone Club, which has previously launched the Wicked Ape, Wicked Hound, and Wicked Pengiun (SOL) Bone NFTs.  A maximum supply of 5,555 Wicked Monsters will be summoned by the Ritual Recipe, in which holders will have 14 days to summon their Monsters. Once you use a Ritual Recipe (One Wicked Ape and Two Hounds) and sacrifice 300 $WCKD, they CANNOT be used again.  For reference, one Wicked Ape, two Wicked Hounds and 300 $WCKD Tokens equals one Wicked Monster. Five Wicked Apes, Ten Wicked Hounds and 1500 $WCKD Tokens equals five Wicked Monsters.