Wilder Beasts: Wape NFTs

Wilder Beasts: Wape NFT Overview

Project Information

Wilder Beasts: Wape is a collection of 3,000 3D ape NFTs roaming the Ethereum blockchain. The Wapes represent the second collection of different lifeforms expected to roam Wilder World. Wilder World is a fully decentralized, community-owned, immersive 5D metaverse built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO.

The collection features three different variants of Wape NFTs, from Organic to Hybrid, and even Mech variants. Within Wilder World, holders can choose to have their Wape follow alongside them as a companion, or channel their Wape to roam Wilder World as an ape. Each Wape NFT provides holders with special utilities and experiences within Wilder World.