Wilder World NFTs

Wilder World NFT Overview

Project Information

Wilder World is a layered Metaverse with a wide range of applications that appeal to creators and collectors. Users can collect Rare NFTs for In-World Utility and Holder Benefits in Wilder World. The platform is the world’s first fully decentralized and community-owned photorealistic metaverse project. Wilder World is powered by the $WILD Token and Built on Ethereum, Unreal Engine 5, and ZERO.Tech.

One faction of the Wilder World Metaverse is in-game NFTs. Wilder World integrates its world-class collection of thousands of pieces of 3D art with cutting-edge virtual reality technology and deploys it on its game-ready, VR/AR enabled platform, thus transforming these rare NFTs into investable assets that can be traded easily. 

Wilder World also has a liquid NFT market by using a unique bonding curve model for NFTs which allows fractional sales of a digital asset, therefore providing access to a wider spectrum of collectors and retail investors, rather than just a select few. 

The Wilder World Artists Guild is a one of its kind social network built into the platform for the Wilder community. The Artist’s Guild is where fellow artists can connect, collaborate on projects to build assets and infrastructure, chat in real-time on video and through the inbuilt instant messaging system, in addition to sharing the latest news in the crypto universe on the artist feed. 

The Wilder World Mint FactOry connects digital 3D artists from all over the globe with real-world talent across the spectrums of film, television, and music to design, mint, and drop NFTs. Creators can leverage the massive online following of a star to increase visibility and enhance sale prospects while offering a smart contract that enabled royalty to pay out to the celebrity. Furthermore, the character created via Mint FactOry can also be used in AR/VR games built on the Wilder World platform.