Women Of Crypto NFTs

Women Of Crypto NFT Overview

Project Information

Women Of Crypto is a collection of 8,888 women avatars on the Ethereum blockchain, created by Amy Matsushima.

Women of Crypto aims to provide chartiable contributions to organizations like Women Who Code and Crypto Chicks, donating 50 percent of royalties from their secondary sales. 

The Women of Crypto roadmap suggests that six weeks after the initial launch, all holders of a Women Of Crypto NFT will be airdropped a Men Of Crypto NFT. The Men Of Crypto NFT is needed along with the Women Of Crypto NFT to breed a Baby Of Crypto NFT.

The Baby Of Crypto NFT will share an traits provided by the Women Of Crypto and Men Of Crypto NFTs. The team is working on rendering the 3D NFTs to be fully operational in the metaverse with plans to run networking workshops within the metaverse exclusive to the NFT holders.