Wolf Game Reveals Genesis Land, Game Coming in Q4

Wolf Game Reveals Genesis Land, Game Coming in Q4
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Wolf Game announced the reveal of its genesis land NFTs late on Monday night. 

The placeholder image for each land NFT has now been replaced by a pixelated topography containing a select amount of water, grass, stones, structures, and wood. No official details were shared regarding the importance or utility of these particular properties. 

These metadata properties are now discoverable on secondary marketplaces, including on OpenSea as "levels." 

In early trading since the reveal, the most notable revealed property is "structure." Unlike the other properties, which have variable values on each land NFT, the structure property is either present or not. Wolf Game Genesis Land NFTs that contain a structure return a value of "1" when searching on secondary marketplaces. 

At the time of writing, land NFTs with the structure property hold a floor price of 1.15 ETH, comparable to a floor of 0.32 ETH for the land collection. 

In addition to the reveal of the Genesis Land NFTs, Wolf Game announced the full game would be coming in Q4 of 2022. 

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