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Let It Burn, $WOOL Sinks Emerge
Logan Hitchcock

Wolf Game will implement token burns for multiple in-game actions later this week as a result of the latest $WOOL governance vote.

The Deets

  • Token burns include: Change Communities, Use a Farmer, Attempt to Steal, Loot, and Sabotage
  • Change communities costs 100 $WOOL, while all others require 200 
  • Burned WOOL reduces overall supply

The Details

WOOL token holders, through the WOOL Governance process, recently voted to initiate substantial token burns for various in-game actions. These burns will impact multiple aspects of gameplay, with 100 WOOL burned for Change Communities, 200 WOOL for Use a Farmer, Attempt to Steal, Loot, and Sabotage. This decision, driven by the community, demonstrates how WOOL Governance allows players to actively influence and enhance their gaming experience.

The token burns are not only a reflection of player preferences but also have the potential to impact WOOL's overall value. As tokens are burned, the total supply decreases, which could lead to an increase in the value of the remaining tokens. 

📊 By The Numbers

Wolf Game assets have been sliding downward over the last few months, after spiking in activity and excitement around the launch of the full game at the end of 2022. 

While $WOOL is up almost seven percent at $0.01, the Wolf Game ecosystem token is down 34 percent in the last month and nearly 90 percent in the last year according to data provided by CoinGecko. 

Similarly, the price of Wolf Game's main collection NFTs continues to slide. The price of sheep, make up the floor of the collection, has fallen steadliy and is also down 34 percent over the last month. 

❗️Why It Matters

Disparaged by many as "silly," the $WOOL governance token is working as excpected, allowing active community members and players to have a say over the future of the game. While the decisions may seem rather inconsequential now, the WOOL token burn decision could lead to a notable reduction of token supply over time, potentially influencing the value of $WOOL and creating a unique interplay between the game's economy and player actions.

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Let It Burn, $WOOL Sinks Emerge
Wolf Game: Farmers Market Opening Soon
Bill Monighetti

Last night, the official Wolf Game Twitter account tweeted, "Farmers Market: Opening Soon!! Prepare Your Wool," with a .gif showing multiple Wolf Game characters holding pouches of wool.

🔎 The Deets

  • While we don't yet know what exactly The Shepherd has in mind here, it's clear that another $WOOL sink mechanism is coming to the ecosystem.
  • In the hours since the tweet, the price of $WOOL is up from $0.01441 to $0.0147723. According to Coingecko, $WOOL had hit an all-time low price of $0.01215057 about five hours before the announcement.

🎤 Community Feedback

Community said we need wool burn, shep is like...'Hold my beer.'@YathirajShetty4

Wolf Game: Farmers Market Opening Soon
Farmers Are Alive
Logan Hitchcock

The Shepherd detailed a handful of new updates to Wolf Game's "full game" on Thursday.

The Deets

The following have been updated per the Shepherd:

  • ENS name display in-game.
  • Farmers have come to life, moving in-game.
  • View the wallets of other players and analyze previous moves.
  • Bathhouse owners can view recharging times. 
  • Sheep/Wolf owners can view the structures in which they are breeding or recharging more easily. 

❗Why It Matters

It seems like so long ago (it wasn't that long ago) that Wolf Game was at the forefront of the conversation in web3...and while it may not be the hot topic, the Shepherd keeps building and the game keeps on keeping on. As simple as that seems, simply operating as intended is a major positive for an industry fraught with failed executions and major delays. The Wolf Game ecosystem has produced a rabid community of low-key players in a highly strategic game, and the continued updates should only further fuel the base. 

🎤 Community Quotes

Oh boy! Things are heating up in the valley!Filthy

Farmers Are Alive
The Shepherd Speaks
Logan Hitchcock

The Shepherd has introduced a handful of gameplay improvements to Wolf Game, according to a tweet from the project. 

❗Why It Matters

Though Wolf Game isn't dominating headlines like at the turn of the year, the gameplay remains relatively smooth and the major execution risk that came with the launch of the full game has slowly subsided. Minor improvements and the introduction of more social components (like in-play ENS support) should only help maintain or attract new users. 

The Deets

The following minor updates were made:

  • Identify players with ENS in-game.
  • Recognize sheep and wolves delegated to you on map.
  • Contribute to community silos beyond Level 4. 
  • Woolpaper clarifications on Land Sale. 

🎤 Community Quotes

Love the ENS domain part! Thanks Shep. 🫡justKAWS

The Shepherd Speaks
Wolf Game Releases Update to Address Farmer Bugs

Wolf Game announced several in-game updates on Friday morning aimed at resolving technical bugs and improving the experience for players. 

Why It Matters: While the initial weeks of gameplay have been largely praised by the community, a few bugs have popped up surrounding the application of Farmers to a player's Land or Sheep.

The adjustments include changes to Farmers that were in a Boosting state but should have been Cooling Down, as well as those used for Land tax Boosting but did not receive the expected multiplier. These updates aim to protect the integrity of the game and ensure that Farmers can effectively function.

Action Items: For more information on Wolf Game, check out Lucky Trader's complete guide to the ecosystem.

Wolf Game Releases Update to Address Farmer Bugs
Wolf Game Releases Full Woolpaper

Wolf Game released the full "Woolpaper" on Monday night, detailing highly-anticipated mechanics ahead of the expected Full Game launch coming this week. 

The game will utilize a "hybrid Web 3-Web 2 architecture", with gameplay occurring off-chain and ownership of assets entirely on-chain.

Assets across the ecosystem have surged ahead of launch, with the following increases over the last seven days according to Blur:

  • Sheep are up 17 percent, with a floor of 0.85 ETH. The Wolf floor sits at 8.6 ETH, with the animal collection doing 1,821 ETH of volume. 
  • Farmers rose 122% to a 0.82 floor, with 790 ETH of volume.
  • Land holds a 0.44 ETH floor, up 47% over the last seven days on 979 ETH of volume. 

The Woolpaper highlights macro-level game theory and micro-games based on psychology and economics, with players competing in risk-based decisions to win WOOL and yield resources. 

Most of the game will take place on The Farm, which is made up of Land plots in Communities 1-100. Community 0, now referred to as "The Peak", is a special area where Wolves will breed and recharge. The Peak will also periodically host a "massive multiplayer competition for WOOL", with details released in advance of the first game. Players must have both WOOL and a Sheep or Wolf to participate in the event.

Energy is expended to take actions within the game, with levels varying based on the type of animal and Generation. Animals must recharge using an open Bathhouse — unlike the time-regeneration of energy seen in Cave Game. 

Three structures are highlighted in the Woolpaper:

  • Barns: Where a pair of sheep can breed — and can only be built on The Farm.
  • Bathhouses: Where a single Sheep or Wolf recharges. Sheep can only use Bathhouses on The Farm, while Wolves must utilize the structures on The Peak. 
  • Dens: Where Wolves breed, and can only be built on The Peak. 

These structures are all upgradable via resources, which reduces the time to breed. A minimum WOOL fee will be charged for the use of each structure, with Landowners also able to set their own fee parameters.

The release also introduces five new in-game, off-chain resources:

  • Grass, Stone, Water, and Wood are collected from Land, with the outputs varying based on the composition of each plot. Community Silos can be built to increase daily production rate of resources — but are susceptible to sabotage by Wolves. 

  • Chops are a new resource involved in the Sheep and Wolf breeding processes and can be acquired from 'The Butcher' by burning sheep. Chops are also obtainable during the 'Courting phase' of breeding. 

  • The five resources will be exchangeable in-game via an Automatic Market Maker (AMM), which provides "high liquidity, low transaction costs, and the same price discovery algorithm we are all familiar with," according to the Woolpaper. 

Breeding is a significant component of Wolf Game, with Farmers providing both protection and 'advancement' for Sheep during the process. Wolves may try to steal during the initial Breeding phase (Courting), in which they receive either Chops or the offspring. The outcome of stealing depends on several variables, including the Alpha Score of the Wolf. 

Farmers also play a role in the collection of resources, providing boosts on yield and protection from Wolves. 

Weather is another new factor introduced, which impacts the collection of resources. Three different types (Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy) are independently present across communities, with the weather updating each day at midnight based on a 60-day weather forecast. 

The Woolpaper also details several 'Looting Games', which are risk-based decisions that are played during resource gathering and other gameplay situations. 

Delegation will also be available to players, allowing others to play assets without transferring ownership. Sheep or Wolves can add a new wallet as a Delegate, allowing flexibility for large accounts or less active players. 

All WOOL spent in-game is either burned out of the ecosystem or added to Community Rewards, which are distributed during competitions on The Peak. 

The release of the full Wolf Game is expected this week. Additional details on game mechanics can be found in the Woolpaper

For more information on Wolf Game, check out Lucky Trader's comprehensive guide to the ecosystem

Wolf Game Releases Full Woolpaper
Wolf Game Surging On Snowfro Wolf Purchase, Imminent Game Launch

Wolf Game has seen a spike in volume over the past 24 hours, with a notable buy from Art Blocks founder Snowfro driving demand ahead of the project's Full Game launch. 

The artist made waves on Thursday with an open offer on Twitter to A8 Wolf owners (the highest-tier asset in the ecosystem) that included 75 ETH and several unminted Squiggles:

The offer was accepted late Thursday night, and added to the growing excitement around the project with the launch of Full Game coming in the near future. 

Alpha Game, the final event prior to the full release according to The Shepherd, ended on Thursday morning. Notable Web3 builder Gmoney took home the top place in the event, with over 76M $WOOL divided up between players who staked in his pack.

WOOL is currently trading at 0.036 cents, up 24% over the last 24 hours. 

All assets in the collection have also seen significant volume increases over the last 24 hours. The floor of animals currently sits at 0.714 ETH, up 21% in the last 24 hours on 354 ETH of volume. Farmers are up 5% on the day, with land rising 29% to a .426 floor. 

Landowners with the mysterious 'Community Zero' designation saw their assets revealed earlier this week, with new attributes such as 'Peak Level' and 'Peak Location' displaying alongside the snowy parcels. The top-tier peaks currently hold a floor of 30 ETH, with the overall C0 floor at 6.9 ETH. 

The project's 'Woolpaper' is expected to drop in the coming days, with the launch of Full Game coming shortly after. 

For more information on Wolf Game, check out our comprehensive guide to the ecosystem.

Wolf Game Surging On Snowfro Wolf Purchase, Imminent Game Launch
Wolf Game Surges on Trailer Release, Full Game Coming Soon
Logan Hitchcock

Wolf Game dropped a two-minute gameplay trailer on its official Twitter account late on Wednesday night, sending prices upwards on the secondary market. 

The trailer sets the stage for the full Wolf Game, which is expected to release sometime in December according to the announcement. 

In the trailer, Sheep - a prominent character in the IP -  can be seen tending to and extracting from the land (another NFT collection in the larger game). Wolves are also featured, spying and plotting to steal from the Sheep much like in the initial gameplay. The trailer ends as two competing wolves are separated by a third, crowned wolf, presumably one with a higher Alpha rating than the other two.

The NFT market reacted positively to the trailer, sending prices of the original collection (+23%, 0.85 ETH) and Land (+30%, 0.40 ETH) upwards strongly while Wolf Game Farmers (+1.3%, 0.38 ETH) lagged behind. 

This is a developing story and will be added to by Lucky Trader.

Wolf Game Surges on Trailer Release, Full Game Coming Soon
Wolf Game Launches WOOL Event #4
Logan Hitchcock

Wolf Game launched its latest WOOL Event late on Monday night, providing the opportunity for stakers of Sheep and Wolves to earn their share of 50M $WOOL. 

The latest event is only available for those who had Sheep or Wolves staked by Ethereum Block #15771889, which filled around 10:05 p.m. ET on Monday night. 

How To Earn $WOOL in Wool Event #4

In Wool Event #4, there are two ways to earn $WOOL:

1. Stake $WOOL by Monday, Oct. 24 at 11:59 p.m. ET

By staking their $WOOL by the deadline, users will be returned an equal amount of "raw" (unstaked) $WOOL. 

Eligible participants can stake up to 2,000 $WOOL for each staked Sheep NFT, and at least 4,000 $WOOL for each staked Wolf NFT they own. 

Those who have staked more rare Wolf NFTs (A6, A7, A8) are eligible for a 1,000 $WOOL increase for each respective level, ending at a 7,000 $WOOL limit for A8 Wolves. 

Users are not required to stake the maximum amount of $WOOL. 

2. Finish In Top 3 Wolf Packs in Staking

The three packs that have the highest percentage of maximum staking (as outlined above) will earn additional $WOOL prizes. 

The $WOOL distributed to the packs will be "pouched" and come from the 500M $WOOL Alpha Game prize. 

Places will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st place = 9 million $WOOL
  • 2nd place = 7 million $WOOL
  • 3rd place = 4 million $WOOL

Wolf Game's native token, $WOOL, is up more than 16 percent in the last 24 hours according to CoinGecko. The price is $0.08 at the time of writing, down 85 percent from its all-time high of $0.53 in January 2022.

Wolf Game Launches WOOL Event #4
Profitable NFT Traders Are Exiting Wolf Game - Land
Staff Writer

Profitable wallets are exiting Wolf Game - Land according to our Sharp Report

In the past 24 hours, the project has seen a net loss of 39 profitable wallets (those that have made more than 50 ETH trading), yet its floor price has increased 8.13 percent to 0.40 ETH over the past 24 hours.

Just more than five percent of the wallets holding a Wolf Game - Land NFT are sharp wallets that made more than 50 ETH in profit.

Profitable NFT Traders Are Exiting Wolf Game - Land