Wolf Game Releases Full Woolpaper

Wolf Game Releases Full Woolpaper
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Wolf Game released the full "Woolpaper" on Monday night, detailing highly-anticipated mechanics ahead of the expected Full Game launch coming this week. 

The game will utilize a "hybrid Web 3-Web 2 architecture", with gameplay occurring off-chain and ownership of assets entirely on-chain.

Assets across the ecosystem have surged ahead of launch, with the following increases over the last seven days according to Blur:

  • Sheep are up 17 percent, with a floor of 0.85 ETH. The Wolf floor sits at 8.6 ETH, with the animal collection doing 1,821 ETH of volume. 
  • Farmers rose 122% to a 0.82 floor, with 790 ETH of volume.
  • Land holds a 0.44 ETH floor, up 47% over the last seven days on 979 ETH of volume. 

The Woolpaper highlights macro-level game theory and micro-games based on psychology and economics, with players competing in risk-based decisions to win WOOL and yield resources. 

Most of the game will take place on The Farm, which is made up of Land plots in Communities 1-100. Community 0, now referred to as "The Peak", is a special area where Wolves will breed and recharge. The Peak will also periodically host a "massive multiplayer competition for WOOL", with details released in advance of the first game. Players must have both WOOL and a Sheep or Wolf to participate in the event.

Energy is expended to take actions within the game, with levels varying based on the type of animal and Generation. Animals must recharge using an open Bathhouse — unlike the time-regeneration of energy seen in Cave Game. 

Three structures are highlighted in the Woolpaper:

  • Barns: Where a pair of sheep can breed — and can only be built on The Farm.
  • Bathhouses: Where a single Sheep or Wolf recharges. Sheep can only use Bathhouses on The Farm, while Wolves must utilize the structures on The Peak. 
  • Dens: Where Wolves breed, and can only be built on The Peak. 

These structures are all upgradable via resources, which reduces the time to breed. A minimum WOOL fee will be charged for the use of each structure, with Landowners also able to set their own fee parameters.

The release also introduces five new in-game, off-chain resources:

  • Grass, Stone, Water, and Wood are collected from Land, with the outputs varying based on the composition of each plot. Community Silos can be built to increase daily production rate of resources — but are susceptible to sabotage by Wolves. 

  • Chops are a new resource involved in the Sheep and Wolf breeding processes and can be acquired from 'The Butcher' by burning sheep. Chops are also obtainable during the 'Courting phase' of breeding. 

  • The five resources will be exchangeable in-game via an Automatic Market Maker (AMM), which provides "high liquidity, low transaction costs, and the same price discovery algorithm we are all familiar with," according to the Woolpaper. 

Breeding is a significant component of Wolf Game, with Farmers providing both protection and 'advancement' for Sheep during the process. Wolves may try to steal during the initial Breeding phase (Courting), in which they receive either Chops or the offspring. The outcome of stealing depends on several variables, including the Alpha Score of the Wolf. 

Farmers also play a role in the collection of resources, providing boosts on yield and protection from Wolves. 

Weather is another new factor introduced, which impacts the collection of resources. Three different types (Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy) are independently present across communities, with the weather updating each day at midnight based on a 60-day weather forecast. 

The Woolpaper also details several 'Looting Games', which are risk-based decisions that are played during resource gathering and other gameplay situations. 

Delegation will also be available to players, allowing others to play assets without transferring ownership. Sheep or Wolves can add a new wallet as a Delegate, allowing flexibility for large accounts or less active players. 

All WOOL spent in-game is either burned out of the ecosystem or added to Community Rewards, which are distributed during competitions on The Peak. 

The release of the full Wolf Game is expected this week. Additional details on game mechanics can be found in the Woolpaper

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