Wolf Game Will Unveil 'The Peak' This Week

Wolf Game Will Unveil 'The Peak' This Week
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Wolf Game is set to launch "The Peak," an all-or-nothing player versus player (PvP) arena that offers $WOOL prizes, according to a press release shared with Lucky Trader. 

The Deets

  • The Peak is an all-or-nothing PvP arena, first of its kind in Wolf Game
  • Players will compete in three different games with $WOOL prizes
  • The game library and prize types are set to expand in the future
  • The Peak introduces tiered system of play, each with escalating entry fee and prizes

The Bulk

After teasing from the Shepherd in recent weeks, Wolf Game is set to unveil its latest innovation, "The Peak," by the end of this week. The PvP arena allows players, whether Wolf Game loyalists or newcomers, to compete in three games, with the goal of expanding the game library and cryptocurrency prize types in the future.

The initial games at The Peak include Wolf Wits, Tug of WOOL, and WATER Wall. Each offers a unique gaming experience where players aim to outwit their opponents, win rounds, or create streams linking opposing sides respectively. 

Each game has been teased in GIF form via the Wolf Game Twitter account in recent days, providing players with a glimpse of what's to come. Users can expect the following from each respective game:

  • Wolf Wits: Direct your collection of sheep and wolves in a card game. 
  • Tug of WOOL: Try and outwit your opponents in a game theory rich take on "tug of war."
  • WATER Wall: Build a stream linking sides of a board before your opponent can in this digital take on a traditional board game. 

Alongside The Peak, Wolf Game continues its established full gameplay, spread across 100 Farm Communities, allowing competitive collection and looting of resources. These resources can be used on The Peak for purchasing and utilizing power-ups.

The Peak also implements a tiered system of play - The Base, The Slope, and The Summit. Each level has an escalating entry fee and escalating prize in $WOOL. Players will need Energy and $WOOL to compete, with Wolves having an advantage due to their more efficient energy conversion to Peak Credits.

📊 By the Numbers

To date, Wolf Game's journey has included prize pools of up to 500 million $WOOL and NFT trading volumes of more than $100 million. 

🔜 What's Next

The Peak is expected to launch by week's end, with the aforementioned games available at that time. 

🎬 Take Action

Ready to test your mettle in The Peak when it launches? Visit game.wolf.game to start your journey.

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