Women And Weapons Season 2 NFTs

Women And Weapons Season 2 NFT Overview

Project Information

Women And Weapons Season 2 is an open edition art collection by Sara Baumann, who had previously dropped a Women and Weapons Genesis and Season 1 Collection on OpenSea.

This collection is completely new hand-illustrated art from Sara Baumann, a.k.a Sparky, separate from season 1. There are also factions of good and evil and even entirely new characters from other worlds that further makes S2 unique from S1. There are 10,000 Season 2 NFTs airdropped to Season One holders as well as an open edition mint.

5% of all Primary and Secondary profits go to The Malala Fund Charity so that girls and women worldwide can gain access to education that will empower them to lead and make knowledge their weapon. Minters could get a Heroine, Villain, or possibly an Alien from another world. Owners of Season 2 NFTs have full commercial and IP rights for the underlying art of the NFT right from the start.