Woodies Generative Characters NFTs

Woodies Generative Characters NFT Overview

Project Information

Woodies Generative Characters is a unique collection of 10,000 avatars created by UltraDao that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each Woodie was randomly generated at the time of mint from over 900 possible traits, including eyes, hats, clothing, masks, and more. 

In partnership with Trees for the Future, the Ultra Dao team has committed to planting one million trees in sub-Saharan Africa. Trees for the Future received a 73.824 ETH ($217,000 USD present time) donation which will help plant 837,000+ trees.

Each Woodie holder will receive the Woodies Animated Comic #1 as a free airdrop, which included the origin story of "Arden and the Missing Woodies." The Woodies roadmap also includes creating 3D avatars with attributes based on the Woodies you already own to expand their reach in the Metaverse.