World of Pepe NFTs

World of Pepe NFT Overview

Project Information

World of Pepe is a collection of 999 pixelated Pepe NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each World of Pepe NFT acts as an access pass to the World of Pepe Discord, which is full of multiple "Alpha Callers" to provide trading analysis. Additionally, holders have access to different tools and software to assist in trading activities. A collection of collaboration managers actively obtains multiple whitelist opportunities for holders on a weekly basis.


World of Pepe also offers staking to generate $FLIES, the utility token of the World of Pepe ecosystem. $FLIES can be used on the World of Pepe Black Market to join raffles or auctions of other NFTs. Additionally, $FLIES can be used to upgrade a World of Pepe NFT into a 1-of-1 hand created by the World of Pepe artist.