World of Women Introduces WoW Award Show

World of Women Introduces WoW Award Show
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World of Women announced that it will be running an award show known as The WoW Awards in a recent tweet.

The event will be hosted at the WoW Gala and the rewards category are as follows according to the official blog post. 

  • Imaginative Art: Since the beginning of WoW, derivative artwork has been an important part of our culture. If you’ve ever commissioned work from an artist, please enter this category with credits to the artist.
  • Innovative Use of IP: If you have a product around your WoW or produce content around it, this is your opportunity to be rewarded for innovative execution! We’ve seen so many small businesses and creators use their WoW and WoWG for branding — this is their chance to shine!
  • Impact in Web3 Education: We’re a community of educators and change makers. There are many holders who have been educating and onboarding people into NFTs through their content, and we want to recognise their work!
  • Web3 for Good — Sustainability: Here’s to the ones who care about the environment. Tell us how you’ve contributed towards making web3 more sustainable and your journey through it!
  • Web3 for Good — Social Justice: For the activists advocating towards a better world and future for us all, we want to spotlight you!
  • Digital Fashion & Design: Calling all our Fashionistas in the WoW fam and our Digital Identity Maxis to showcase their work in the last year.
  • Creative Storytelling: This one is for our writers, creators and storytellers in the community! This is a key component of the WoW brand and our community members who demonstrate high quality storytelling are in for a surprise!
  • Community Building: Here’s to the ones who are supporting, building and driving our mission in the community and representing WoW wherever they go. 

Users who wish to nominate someone of themselves have until Oct. 19 to submit their entry on the official site.

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