Worldwide Webb Land NFTs

Worldwide Webb Land NFT Overview

Project Information

Worldwide Webb Land is the lands native to the Worldwibe Webb metaverse, a MMORPG game where all in-game assets are also NFTs. The game, which is 2D, has several project integrations set up that allow players to utilize their NFTs as avatars, including CryptoPunks, Forgotten Wizards Rune Cult, and Cool Cats. There are several other NFT project integrations included on the roadmap for future integration.

The first native NFTs to the project were the Cryptoweebs, a collection of 71 avatars, followed shortly after by 17 CryptoGirlfriends. The Land comes in four types; in increasing rarity order they are small apartments, medium apartments, large apartments, and penthouses. The project promises more utility, further game development and intergrations, and more opportunities for Worldwide Webb native NFT mints.

In January 2022, Worldwide Webb announced the launch of an upcoming NFT fighting-style game that will integrate various popular NFT projects. Each NFT project will have different abilities in the game.