Worldwide Webb Increases Game Speed With Dev Updates

Worldwide Webb Increases Game Speed With Dev Updates
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After testing its game this week, Worldwide Webb become concerned about performance and speed. New developer updates fixed these concerns.

"Earlier this week, we started testing some zone updates and new areas of the game, but were shocked to discover that the game was running extremely slowly," the team wrote in its newest Webb log. "So we spent the bigger part of last week on optimizations to get the game running smoother."

The full report, which is available in Worldwide Webb's official Discord, highlights those optimizations.

The team added view-based culling, which means that assets do not spawn outside of the player's view. This decreased the load on the game considerably.

The team also made improvements to its movement code, which added delta timing to make everything more smooth and seamless.

Improved server-synchronization will reduce rubber-banding, and the team updated movement mode1. 

Finally, the team optimized its code to resolve performance issues across the game and avoid expensive caculations that have been using too much CPU during gameplay. 

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