Worldwide Webb Land Adds Mass Integrations

Worldwide Webb Land Adds Mass Integrations
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Worldwide Webb Land announced it would allow users to manually submit potential integrations to its metaverse in a recent tweet.

So now instead of a project having to partner with Worldwide Webb Land to get its avatars in the Worldwide Webb metaverse, users can now manually submit an NFT that they wish to be integrated. 

Users who wish to submit an NFT for integration will go to the official website and from there they will input the slug for the collection they want to add, past in the contract address of the project, and the API of the avatar. From there the team will review the submission and if approved users will be able to use their submitted avatar in the project's metaverse.

Also added was the ability to change the scale of the avatar, the animation speed of the avatar, and decide whether it "walks bounces or floats."

For more on the recent update from the project, check out the official announcement video to see all of the new features and the full details on how to add them to the game.

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