Free Mint Projects Dip During Crypto Market Uncertainty

Free Mint Projects Dip During Crypto Market Uncertainty

Two popular free mint NFT projects, WZRDs and Moonrunners, are down today following ETH's 8 percent price crash.

WZRDs floor price peaked at 0.35 ETH earlier today before dropping more than 25 percent to 0.245 ETH. It is leading today's total volume war with 1,951 ETH traded in the last 24 hours.

Moonrunners, which peaked slightly below 0.8 ETH earlier this week, are down under 0.2 ETH for the first time since last Saturday. The floor price is currently 0.199 ETH.

Moonrunners has been revealing its lore over the last week, adding maps and tribes. Each tribe (Hunter, Predator, Pack, Stealth, Roaming, and Brave) has a unique background story. For more information see Lucky Trader's Moonrunners post here.

WZRDs, which has some connection to Numo who is one of Blitmap's founding artists, is also revealing its lore. It seems that "strange and powerful artifact" NFTs will be released in the near future. 

Learn more about the WZRDs lore here.

More about WZRDS

WZRDS is a collection of 10,000 mysterious, wizardly NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. WZRDS was a completely free mint for both whitelist and public minters and was limited to only one mint per wallet. The collection is very lore-centric, and its updates are unveiled slowly, yet meticulously through public channels. 

At the time of publish, the WZRDS floor price sits at 0.009 ETH, and has stayed relatively flat over the past 24 hours on 0 ETH volume of transactions. Over the last 30 days, 12 sharp wallets have sold 22 NFTs and 3 sharp wallets have bought 5 NFTs in the WZRDS collection. Catch up on other recent WZRDS news here.

Recent WZRDS Sales

#3498sold at 12/09 10:12pm for
#6844sold at 12/09 10:12pm for
#3261sold at 12/08 11:12pm for
#5937sold at 12/05 7:12pm for
#9302sold at 12/05 7:12pm for

Recent WZRDS Listings

#7554listed at 12/09 11:12pm for
#7371listed at 12/09 11:12pm for
#7018listed at 12/09 11:12pm for
#6800listed at 12/09 11:12pm for
#4945listed at 12/09 9:12pm for
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