Xoasis NFTs

Xoasis NFT Overview

Project Information

Xoasis is a metaverse platform that helps Web2 gaming companies complete the chain transformation to NFT assets. The platform looks to assist in bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, specifically for the gaming sector.

According to their website, holders of the Xoasis Pass will receive:

1. Pass: OG identity for all in-game testing

2. PFP avatar: Web3.0

3. 3D Hominid: The armor for entering the first 3A game

4. Airdrop Metaverse Land

5. Airdrop Token

Xoasis wants to be considered the "Steam" of the metaverse. Their roadmap states the creation of $XOS token, a staking function, bringing in investment institutions, and a purchase of land in The Sandbox.