Xana: Genesis NFTs

Xana: Genesis NFT Overview

Project Information

Xana: Genesis is a collection of 10,000 Japan anime-styled Unique avatars. These avatars are metaverse AI partners with robust utilities that include a personalized AI engine with full commercial rights and various privileges in the metaverse. Xana is inspired by Blade Runner 2049 where you can use Xana's AI Engine to personalize your AI partner however one wishes.

Xana is building a metaverse infrastructure for billions of users through an EVM-based blockchain infrastructure and DApps platform custom-built for the Metaverse. The metaverse will be bridged with all major blockchains and compatible with all popular wallets.

Xana's platform has already been adopted by major institutions and global brands such as the Tokyo Olympic koto museum, Astroboy, multiple Japanese local governments, Japan's largest travel agency JTB and credit card JCB, and many others.