X Rabbits Club NFTs

X Rabbits Club NFT Overview

Project Information

X Rabbits Club (XRC) is a collection of 7,502 "Cold Rabbit" NFTs. The project is founded by @yishuihan, who created Lengtoo aka the "cold rabbit," intellectual property that spwaned a popular comic for the last 10 years. His Lengtoo creation has more than 65 million followers across the web.

X Rabbits Club has many plans for the future. Yi Shuihan plans to collaborate with mainstream brands and launch co-branded products. This includes the possibility of holders licensing their X Rabbit Club NFTs to other products in exchange for tokenized income or revenue. X Rabbits Club will also be purchasing land in the metaverse and work with GameFi makers to create a play-to-earn game.

Additionally, X Rabbits Club will create a DAO to assist in the long term development of the project which will allow holders to participate in the development and decision-making of the future of X Rabbits Club.