y00ts Add Trait Leaderboard

y00ts Add Trait Leaderboard

y00ts announced a new leaderboard that launched on Tuesday evening. "We've seen the rise of subDAOs in the y00ts community," said the team in a tweet. "Let's raise the stakes."

The trait leaderboard will update in real time, and present the current floor of all traits in the 15,000-NFT collection. There is also a gallery of every NFT in the collection with an indicator of what has been minted and still remains to be minted.

The next version of the leaderboard is expected to include even more analytics such as listing count, listing %, volume, and overall volume & price trends.

The tweet comes hours after the founder Frank considered a DAO vote to bridge the y00ts and DeGods collections from Solana to Ethereum, after a 25% drop in the price of $SOL earlier today.

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