y00ts Launches Ethereum Bridge

y00ts Launches Ethereum Bridge
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y00ts initiated its bridge to Ethereum, offering to cover gas fees on its first day and distributing 10 y00ts to random bridging wallets within 24 hours.

The Deets

  • Gas fees covered on the launch day of the Ethereum bridge.
  • 10 y00ts to be given randomly to users bridging within the next day.
  • After October 22, a 33.3% royalty fee on y00ts traded on Polygon.

The Bulk

y00ts officially unveiled its bridge to Ethereum, in a bid to enhance user experience and streamline transactions. As part of the bridge opening, the company will cover all gas fees for transactions carried out on the first day of the bridge's operation.

As an additional incentive, y00ts promises to randomly distribute 10 of its NFTs to wallets that utilize this bridge within the subsequent 24 hours. However, users are advised to act swiftly; post-Oct. 22, any y00ts traded on the Polygon network will incur a royalty fee of 33.3%.

Furthermore, y00ts clarifies that y00tpoints will exclusively be functional on Ethereum. Users are also informed that there is no need to stake their y00ts on ETH, simply holding them in their wallet will suffice. There's a wave of updates coming to the entire platform, which is set to be unveiled in the forthcoming phase, "Clarify." 

๐ŸŽค Community Quotes

is this the y00tility we dreamed of? I'm in.pastagotsauce

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

 y00ts may have forthcoming updates as part of the in the "Clarify" step of the DeLabs "Comeback." 

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