Yeti Town NFTs

Yeti Town NFT Overview

Project Information

Yeti Town is a collection of 4,444 Genesis Yetis that will roam Yeti Town. A Yeti Town NFT acts as a membership that provides holders with exclusive access to the toymaker's collector's area, communities, merchandise, and future developments into the metaverse.

Yei Town has 3 co-founders in Mike, Justin, and Matthew, along with 2 engineers/devs.

Every Yeti yields $FRXST and experience points depending on the activity they choose to participate in and their collector's grade. Burning $FRXST in-game will allow holders to level up but outside of the game, the token unlocks various utilities and perks. In addition to merch and 3D metaverse voxel versions of their Yeti, holders will receive special privileges for future collections that will be separate to prevent dilution of the genesis collection.