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Yu-Gi-Yn Teases New Artwork
Tyler Warner

The Yu-Gi-Yn team teased some new examples of their upcoming PFP artwork reveal, in a tweet this afternoon. The team went on to note that they are "going through the final edits," after months of internal design work.

The project which describes itself as "Not just another 3D NFT" and "from native TOKYO CULTURE" has found success since it was minted out two weeks ago. They have seen over 1,340 ETH volume on OpenSea and hold a 0.3 ETH floor, up nearly 400 percent from their 0.078 ETH mint price. Of the 8,888 NFTs, just 4 percent are listed.

A reveal date has not been officially communicated, though it appears to be coming soon based on this latest update.

Yu-Gi-Yn Teases New Artwork