Z-Huge NFTs

Z-Huge NFT Overview

Project Information

Z-Huge is a collection of 512 generative sketches exploring curl noise, color and constraints.

The art was created by Anthony (@mountvitruvius), a generative artist based out of London.

The project is named in reference to the robotic oxen of Zhuge Liang.

The underlying structure of the pieces is 2d curl noise.

Various processing passes are used to manipulate the noise field. These processing passes help create areas of sparseness or contrast that encourage the lines to behave differently and can tune the noise to create smoother, noisier, and even chaotic patterns.

The lines are painted by laying out geometry at a variable width around each line.

The number of lines, noisiness, line profile, and form are used to determine how the final image should be presented. A circular or square crop is used for more complex generations where the complexity can easily become overwhelming rather than pleasant.