ZED RUN Restricts Paid Racing in 12 States

ZED RUN Restricts Paid Racing in 12 States

ZED RUN announced new restrictions being put into place for the platform on August 22. Players in certain regions of the United States will not be permitted to participate in paid contests due to local regulations.

Stable owners from 12 states with jurisdictions that restrict participation based on the games use a form of payment to participate will be affected by this change. These users will no longer be able to enter paid races after the change is put into place. These users will still be able to participate in other competitions, including the free-to-enter races and free-to-enter tournaments that the platform offers.

The 12 states affected include:

- Arizona
- Arkansas
- Iowa
- Louisiana
- Maryland
- Michigan
- Montana
- New Jersey
- South Carolina
- Tennessee
- Vermont
- Washington State

More about Zed Run

The NFT horse racing ecosystem, Zed Run replicates the multi-billion dollar equine industry on the blockchain, where horse owners can buy, sell, breed, and race digital horses. Based on Novus Earth, Zed Run horses are made up of four different bloodlines: Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin, all with varying degrees of rarity, scarcity, and purity. 

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