ZED RUN World Cup Coming Soon

ZED RUN World Cup Coming Soon
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ZED RUN announced a new month-long challenge inspired by the 2022 World Cup which starts in a few weeks. Collectors will be able to mint one of 32 ZED RUN World Cup skins, inspired by the participating nations of the World Cup soccer event.

Collectors will need to buy a racehorse and attach one of the skins to their racehorse in order to participate. There will be both team and individual challenges, with prizes being awarded in wETH, as well as NFT packs from ZED RUN partners.

Interested stable owners can visit the ZED RUN website to join the allowlist. Users can join the allowlist based on the following criteria:

  1. All Genesis racehorse owners,  Budweiser Pass holders, and NASCAR Pass holders can register their wallet address on the registration site starting 18 October
  2. Winning competitions run on the official ZED RUN Twitter and Discord server 
  3. Winning competitions run by one of the partners: Footium, Anomura, Human Park, and ZED Token
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