ZenApe NFTs

ZenApe NFT Overview

Project Information

ZenApe is a collection of 5,000 NFTs that represent a community valuing wisdom, zen, and shared alpha.

The team created a community treasury to invest in high-value assets. Treasury-owned lands in games such as the Sandbox will be made open to all ZenApe holders and will be a place where apes can come to find each other and enlightenment.

The name ZenApes comes from the story about how the humans destroyed the balance of the world through plundering the forests, where the Kongz and the Monkeys lived. While the Kongz pursued evolution and technological progress, becoming the mighty Cyberkongz, the monkeys sought refuge in the mountains and jungles to find spiritual peace and deeper connection with nature, which is how the Monkeys eventually became known as the ZenApes.