Zodiac Capsules NFTs

Zodiac Capsules NFT Overview

Project Information

Zodiac Capsules are a supplementary collection to Capsule House and launched in November 2021 as a free mint to Capsule House holders. A Zodiac Capsule can either be minted from a Capsule whose Zodiac has been unclaimed or bought on the secondary market. The Zodiac and Capsule House NFTs were inspired by the iconic Japanese gachapon toys
There are three members of the team behind capsule house, the two artists Seerlight and Kaejunni, as well as the developer Oksami.
Zodiac Capsules will need to hold the original Capsule House collection NFT to receive full utility. However, there is a benefit to single Zodiac Capsule holders that don't have a Capsule House NFT as well. Zodiacs also play an important role when it comes to hatching profile pictures which can only be created with original Capsule House NFTs.